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07.11.19 A visit to National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS)

As part of my expansion of research into areas of archival research, thanks to the Newton Mobilities Funding,  I've visted several archives in the UK and have expanded the relationship with the Thai Film Archive. In November 2019, I've also visited the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), which is the central government agency for the film industry of Malaysia. The staff so warmly and kindly showed us their archive vaults and their works in digitizing and preserving local films. The location of FINAS is a short trip from central KL via a taxi, the venue has a nice library with resources for further research on Malaysian film history. I was particularly drawn to the exhibition at the entrace on Malaysian film stars and a collection of props and equipments used for local productions and exhibitions. It would be great to foster future collaborations to explore transnational film cultures between Thailand and Malaysia. We are so close geographically, yet not many stories on the way films and cultures have crossed between the two countries over the years. Until next time! Terima kasih.

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