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08.10.2020 Northeast visits

Since the start of this project, the focus of the research has been on the sites which have been written about by fans. This is because the starting point of the research is after fan tourism/fan pilgrimage has become a 'maintream' activity associated with blockbuster films. The public discourses in the local media focuses on 'more destination marketing', 'more content that promote the tourism industry', and various forms of investments. The focus on indiviudal fans' connections with the film texts and the locations were left out to the conversations. Coming towards the end of this leg of the project, I intend to visit the site that the Thai government has invested significant sum of money into keeping the stories related to the film at the local site. 

Our visit to the Alexander (2004) Fan Tourism exhibion five years after the venue was openned to the public was revealing in many ways. The film was not a commercial nor critical hit and its Thai tourist attraction was created long after the film was released. This is a different kind of tourism that is not fan-driven but related to governmental policy. Another similar site was made in relation to 007 in the South of Thailand although the actual exhibition was never openned to the public due to beaurocratic problems - which deserves a paper on its own. Apart form the visit to Ubon Ratchathani, our journey also traces film locations and film memories in Mahasarakam [Hugna Sarakam, 2011] and Khon Kaen [10 Years Thailand, 2018].

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